Premier League Predictions Game

Premier League Predictions Prove that you know all there is to know about the Premier League with the ultimate football predictions game.
  • Rise up the divisions
    Get promoted to the Premier League

    Start as a minnow in Non-League, but get promoted every month and rise to the Premier League.

  • Expect the unexpected
    Predict Premier League upsets to earn bonus points

    Predict Premier League upsets and be rewarded with our unique bonus system.

  • Set up Mini-Leagues
    Predict the Premier League against family & friends with mini-leagues

    Unlimited mini-leagues allow you to compete against your family, friends & colleagues.

Don't worry about starting to play midway through the season - each division is decided monthly, so you will be on your way up the leagues before you know it!

Premier League Standings: Top 5

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2Paul Kraft295915-301034
5Steven Bellamy2931214-341233

Season Standings: Top 5

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1SHED '82136132994-18474142
20h the lagwag…135143388-14164139
3Jon Stephens136184771-17738139
4Marius Pinskis136125371-21950139

Weekly Standings: Top 5

Loading data Loading data
1Chris Cooper63218415
2Marius Lucian…631216212
4Kev Vare61417411
5Stuart Brown62315211

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